Jess Riley Dressage has been professionally training horses and riders in Dressage and horsemanship for over 25 years.   Jess helps her students more thoroughly understand their horse and how to help mold their behavior in a positive way.  Through the use of basic horsemanship skills, dressage and long lining Jess can help all equine athletes improve.  Riders are taught how to use their aides correctly for the benefit of a better understanding between horse and rider.

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Her approach to horsemanship can help improve both equine and human athletes and their mutual relationship. Jess has worked with many breeds of horses and all are welcome at FEC.  At Jess Riley Dressage she works with riders of all disciplines with a large variety of goals.  Her students include riders who just enjoy their equine friend, to trail riding and hacking around, to becoming a higher level competitive rider.

Long lining is a Jessica Riley Dressage specialty.  Training with long lining allows Jess the ability to teach the horse how to be soft and round, from the ground.  She can long line your horse for you to help develop his/her skills or she can work with you and teach you how to long line your own horse.  Whichever approach you decide to follow you will find that long lining is a great addition to your equine training repertoire.

To find out more about Jess Riley Dressage and the various services she provides please click on the buttons above.  If you have any questions feel free to contact Jess Riley Dressage at your convenience.