Long Lining

Long lining is a horse training technique that can have significant impact on the progression of horse training.  Unlike lunging, when there is only one controlling rein, long lining allows the trainer to have connection through both reins either to the bit or to a caveson.  This allows the trainer to supple and bend the horse.  Without the rider's weight on the horses back the horse can more easily find balance and often learns new requests more quickly then under saddle.

Long lining is an integral part of training at Jess Riley Dressage.  It is particularly useful for starting young horses and in helping to strengthen and tone all horses.   It is equally beneficial for older horses as part of the retraining technique and to help make the horse "lighter in the bit".  Ask Jess if she thinks long lining can help you and your horse overcome a training obstacle or if it would be beneficial in your over all horse training.

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