Peat Moss Bedding--Why we use it.

Peat Moss bedding has been increasing in popularity in barns because of a number of unique characteristics.  Peat has a very high absorbency level and when a stall is adequately bedded with peat moss the ammonia odor from urine is essentially eliminated.  We bed with approximately 8 inches of peat moss.  Horses coming in from barns with inadequate bedding are amazed at how much time their horses spend down and relaxing and see a difference in their attitude due, in part, to a more fully recuperative sleep.

We have included some information below to further illustrate why we utilize Peat Moss Bedding at our farm.

peat bedding, rascal, jess riley, fec, friendship equestrian center, horse lying down
peat moss bedding, friendship equestrian center
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