Reserve your Hudson on Horseback Trail Ride

Each trail ride is approximately one hour long and costs $80 per rider.  Rides are scheduled at 9:00 am, 10:30 am, 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm.  Your ride will start promptly as scheduled so please be at Friendship Equestrian Center 15 minutes before your ride time.  We have included here some information about how to self-assess your riding ability.  Once you have decided what ability group you think you belong in please sign up for the appropriate level trail ride.  We will additionally assess your ability when you arrive.


Level 1
  • You have never ridden a horse before.
  • You have ridden over the past year but not consistently.
  • Most of this ride will be at the walk.  Some slow trotting may be included if all riders consent and your trail guide instructor feels that it’s appropriate.
Level 2
  • You have ridden at least 4 times in the last year with ease and comfort. .
  • You can describe to your instructor how to cue a horse how to turn, accelerate, and decelerate.  You can post to the trot with consistent balance.
  • This trail ride will include walk and longer periods at trot than Level 1.  If your instructor feels that it’s appropriate you may be allowed to traverse more difficult terrain such as a small log or water.



Please note that riders must weigh less than 250lbs.  Riders must be 8 years or older. 
What You Need the Day of Your Ride

Trail riding is an athletic sport so please dress appropriately.  We insist on long pants that cover your ankles (jeans are great) with a good sturdy lace up or Velcro shoe  with a heel.  A comfortable shirt  and/or jacket depending on the weather conditions.  You will spend some time in the woods and some time in the fields so please bring appropriate sunscreen and insect repelant.  We will provide you with a helmet.  These helmets are utilized by other riders and we do our best to maintain their cleanliness.  If you do not want to wear one of our helmets you may provide one of your own, provided it meets our safety requirements.

If you arrive at Hudson on Horseback without the appropriate attire or if you have mistakenly put yourshelf in the wrong group you will not be allowed to ride and your payment will be forfeit.

Mother Nature has a say in the trail riding business.  If we must cancel a ride due to weather conditions we will notify you as quickly as possible.  We will work with you on rescheduling your ride for another time slot on the calendar.

Because of the inherent risks involved with trail riding you will be asked to accept a contract that limits your legal rights prior to payment. Please make sure you have reviewed the contract terms and conditions, your payment will indicate your understanding and acceptance of the risks and agreement to the contract.